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How to Sell Office 2019 to SMB

  • 2019-06-10 7:30:00 AM
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How to Sell Office 2019 to SMB

Your customers can get the classic Office apps - Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to create and present their ideas effortlessly.

Icons - New built-in library of professional, high-quality icons they can use to make content more visual. Since these icons are vector-based, they look great at any size without getting pixelated.

Make presentations more dynamic and exciting. Create cinematic motion effortlessly with Morph and jump to and from slides and sections in any order with Zoom.

Excite your customers: Demo these features to Wow your customers.

New chart types
• Identity insights, trends, and opportunities in your data
• Insert maps into Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook
• Transform geographic data into high-fidelity visualizations with 2-D maps

• Create cinematic motion effortlessly
• PowerPoint takes care of the transitions and animations automatically
• Morph analyzes the content of consecutive slides and merges them together to create cinematic motion
• Look like a seasoned animation expert with just the click of a button

Roaming pencil case
• Create cinematic motion effortlessly
• Move slides and objects with pen
• Ink reacts to user touch with pressure sensitivity and tilt effects
• The new and improved inking features allows you to work more naturally with pressure sensitivity, and tilt effects

To learn more and get tools to help you sell, visit https://canada.asipartner.com/Microsites/Microsoft/Office



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