Intel Optane Memory

Intel Optane memory


Smart System Acceleration
Intel® Optane™ memory accelerates your computer’s most frequently used tasks, from system start-up to searching for files fast, so your computer helps you work smarter, not harder. By reducing bottlenecks for nearly instant program loading, you spend much less time waiting for apps and programs to open on a 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processor-based computer.


Uncompromised Capacity
A “mega storage” device, (like a traditional hard disk drive), combined with 32GB of Intel® Optane™ memory offers the best of both worlds. Take advantage of high-speed acceleration and affordable large scale storage capacity to keep frequently used files and applications close at hand. The result? Large project files launch quickly while productivity soars.


Great for Gaming
Prepare to level up. A computer with a 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processor and 32GB of Intel® Optane™ memory reduces storage bottlenecks to enable faster game level-loading and smooth gameplay. Stop waiting and start playing by reducing performance bottlenecks and accelerating mega storage drives.


Intel® Optane™ Memory Product Information and Requirements