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Chromebooks and Windows 10 laptops strong enough for every day
Lenovo’s Chromebooks and Windows 10 laptops are rugged, durable, and adaptable to any setting. Plus, their thin and light design make them the perfect solution for on-the-go work, school, and play.

N23 Yoga ChromebookLenovo N23 & N23 Yoga Chromebook
Fits any Classroom – and any Budget – in Multiple Modes.
Versatile and durable, this 11.6" 2-in-1 is built for education, both inside and out. With its MediaTek MTK 8173c processor, N23 Yoga is optimized to run the Chrome Web Store apps that enhance the collaborative learning environment, while its exterior is designed to resist the bumps and grinds of school use. It also offers the versatility of multiple modes – Laptop, Tablet, Tent, and Stand – that allow a student to make the best use of multitouch interaction with educational apps, as well as the security, boot-up speed, and intuitiveness of Chrome OS.

The N23 & N23 Yoga's Noteworthy Features
The 360-degree hinge on the N23 Yoga takes learning to the next level thanks to its multi-touch, anti-glare display. With its four unique modes—laptop, tablet, tent, and stand—students now have the freedom to bend, flip or turn while they learn. Class projects can truly come alive with the N23. Its 180-degree rotatable webcam makes collaborating with classmates a breeze, while the anti-glare display ensures minimal eyestrain and maximum focus. The N23 family is optimized to run the Chrome Web Store apps that enhance the collaborative learning environment. It also comes equipped with G Suite for Education, which includes apps like Classroom, Docs, Hangouts, Gmail, and more. Other available apps like My Study Life and Codeanywhere ensure the N23 family is built to be equal parts resilient and brilliant.

Portable Power that won't Weigh You Down
At less than 3 pounds, the N23 is lighter than most textbooks. And with up to 10 hours* of battery life, it can make it through an 8-hour day of classes, plus help with a bit of homework. So don’t worry about weighing yourself down with unwanted school supplies or a power cord, the N23 has the battery life and processing power to replace your pens and paper.

Smart and Strong – Now that's a No Brainer
When it comes to wear and tear, the N23 was designed to keep up with the demands of a hectic classroom. Built to withstand a fall from up to 75cm, its durable, drop-resistant design is a match for any students’ slippery grip. And thanks to a non-slip texture, scratches and wear are easily hidden. Plus, its water-resistant keyboard and mechanically anchored keys are made with the busiest bunch of students in mind. When it comes to the N23 Chromebook, nothing slows down its shareability and productivity.

11e Chromebook11e Chromebook
Digital education demands a special kind of PC. Rugged and durable enough to withstand classroom use, yet versatile enough to support students’ learning needs. You can find it all in the ThinkPad 11e, a Chromebook specifically engineered for students and their teachers.

These Laptops are Ideal for:
• Students for whom computers enrich the learning experience
• School districts who want to increase predictability of capital budgets and maximize ROI
• Teachers who use computers to plan lessons and improve learning outcomes
• IT staff who want computers that are trouble-free and easy to maintain

Rubber Bumper Around Top Cover
Helps absorb bumps

Thicker Bezel & Stronger Rear Cover
Reduces LCD damage

Reinforced Ports & Reduced Gap Between Keys
Helps prevent accidental damage from a bored child's exploring fingers.

Tested against 8 parameters: high pressure, humidity, vibration, high temperature, temperature shock, low pressure (15,000 ft), low temperature, and dust.

Power Collocated
Reduces device insert and remove time from charging carts