Intel Core i9 X Series

Core i9 X Series

Intel Core i9 X-Series Processor

Intel’s Core i9 X-Series processor offers many benefits for high end gamers including up to 18 cores and 36 threads making the processor ideal for advanced multi-tasking such as streaming live gaming feeds or producing 4K 360 degree videos. In addition to being a powerhouse in multi task applications, the Core i9 X series also excels in single threaded applications such as games. With improvements made through Intel’s Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 the tool identifies the two best performing cores to overclock for increased single and dual core performance. Other features include the ability to overclock each core individually; better AVX ratio controls, and VccU voltage controls as well as Intel’s Extreme Tuning Utility, and Extreme memory Profile give gamers additional headroom to boost performance.

Core X Processor Core Architecture Integrated VGA Base Clock Speed Turbo Boost 3.0 Cores/Threads L3 Cache PCIe 3.0 Lanes Memory Support Socket MB Chipset
i9-7980XE Skylake-X None 2.6 4.4 18c/36t 24.75MB 44 4 channel DDR4-2666 LGA2066 X299
i9-7960X Skylake-X None 2.8 4.4 16c/32t 22MB 44 4 channel DDR4-2666 LGA2066 X299
i9-7940X Skylake-X None 3.1 4.4 14c/28t 19.25MB 44 4 channel DDR4-2666 LGA2066 X299
i9-7920X Skylake-X None 2.9 4.4 12c/24t 16.5MB 44 4 channel DDR4-2666 LGA2066 X299
i9-7900X Skylake-X None 3.3 4.5 10c/20t 13.75MB 44 4 channel DDR4-2666 LGA2066 X299