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With flexible work hours, the need to support clients, partners, and co-workers across multiple time zones, today’s business model requires collaboration among a dispersed work force.   The ability to work together seamlessly both inside and outside the firewall on a wide range of both personal and business devices is increasingly vital to a business’s strategic growth. Intel Unite is a fast, simple, cost efficient way to deliver a more secure, manageable, high quality collaborative experience.

Intel Unite is more than a group presentation tool, it is a true workforce collaboration interface allowing meetings members to not only share presentations but  to also compare information by sharing up to four presentations simultaneously, as well as being able to edit, add comments or highlight notes on the fly.

Intel Unite

  1. Open and extensible platform supporting most common devices and operating systems
  2. Simplified Manageability utilizing Intel vPro
  3. Secure and safe as all content shared across Intel Unite is 256-bit SSL encrypted
  4. Configurable rotating PIN ensures that only the people invited to a meeting can attend
  5. Wireless connectivity so no need for specialized connectors or dongles
  6. Fast file sharing allows meeting participants to share documents through a simple click
  7. Annotation feature for highlighting and improving participation
  8. Easily switch presenters through a single click
  9. Supports up to 4 simultaneous presenters on one or two screens
  10. Extensive Plugin support including Zoom, Skype, Cisco WebEx, plus a growing list of plugins for digital whiteboards, room A/V controls, document camera, guest access, and analytics.

Implementing Intel Unite requires three components which begin with the hub. The hub is a system based on Intel vPro technology which connects to the conference room display and runs a full version of the Intel Unite app. The Intel NUC with vPro is ideal for use as a hub because of the small form factor design, low power consumption, ability to support multiple displays, VESA mount support, and overall built in performance.

Featured Product: NUC7i7DNH1E (214234) – Dawson Canyon



The Intel NUC7i7DNH1E is a powerful and flexible system that utilizes an Intel Corei7-8650U processor with 4 Core and Hyper-threading. It also supports dual 4K monitors through 2 x HDMI ports, includes an Intel AC 8265 wireless + blue tooth module, and can utilize both an M.2 PCIe SSD as well as a 2.5” SATA storage device. The most notable feature is that this model includes Intel vPro which is a requirement for Intel Unite as it supports the higher level of security, delivers exceptional remote management capabilities, and provides for a long life stable platform.

The second item required is the Intel Unite app which is loaded on the user’s device and allows access to unlock the enterprise grade collaboration on Unite. The final component is a server used to manage the PIN allocation, resolve PIN issues, provide monitoring and alerts as well as allows IT to manage the overall Intel Unite deployment. The server can be part of the company’s existing infrastructure on a physical machine or run as a virtual machine. In addition, the server can be in the cloud as part of Intel’s new Intel Unite cloud service.

Components of the Intel Unite Solution

Intel Unite Cloud Service
To give businesses more choice, convenience, and flexibility Intel offers the Intel Unite solution in the cloud as well as on premise. The Intel Unite cloud service has the same features you can expect from the on premise option offering more secure, wireless content sharing for meeting rooms, remote users and guests. Rather than spending time and resources to manage an on premise PIN server, this function is deployed in the cloud and easily managed with the Admin Portal. All you need is an Intel vPro based PC as the hub and the Intel Unite app on the client device.

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