Huawei Notebooks

Huawei Notebooks

With more than 20 years of rich business expertise in the information and communications technology sector, and an extensive global network of business partners, Huawei’s Consumer Business Group is dedicated to bringing the latest technology to consumers everywhere. As the world’s third largest supplier of cell phones, Huawei Consumer Business Group is committed to focusing on premium products, differentiating innovation, and achieving technological breakthroughs in cell phones, notebooks, and wearables.

Huawei’s Consumer BG offers three families of notebooks which include the 13” MateBook X, the 15.6” MateBook D and the 12” MateBook E 2 in 1. Huawei combines sturdy engineering and iconic style to manufacture products designed for business or pleasure.

Matebook X

MateBook X
The MateBook X is a 13” notebook that is a sleek 12.mm thick and weighs 1.05kg. It is light, powerful, beautiful and portable. Designed with phase change material that is used in the space industry, the MateBook X can utilize the latest Intel 7th Generation Core i7 processor in a fanless design without overheating.

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Matebook D

MateBook D
The 15.6” Huawei MateBook D is a stylish powerhouse that utilizes the latest Intel 7th Generation Core i7 processor and offers NVIDIA discrete VGA. At 16.9mm thick and with a 83% screen to body ration, the MateBook D feels like a 14” notebook but it looks like a revolution of PC technology. This notebook includes hybrid storage with up to 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, has a full HD IPS display and offers amazing sound with the Dolby Atmos Sound system.

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Matebook E

MateBook E
The MateBook E is an elegant 12” 2 in 1 notebook that is thin and durable. It measures 6.9mm thick and incorporates an aluminum alloy body. With the Intel 7th Generation Core i5 processor, 2K HD touchscreen, Dolby Audio, backlit Chiclet keyboard, and a unique hinge design that allows for more angles, the MateBook E will boost your productivity and stimulate your creativity.

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