Intel Omni-Path

Intel Omni-Path Fabric 100 Series
The next generation of High Performance Computing (HPC) fabrics

Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA), delivers 100Gbps performance with the ability to scale to tens of thousands of nodes and more for tomorrow’s high performance computing (HPC) workloads at a price competitive with today’s fabrics. The Intel OPA 100 Series product line is an end-to-end solution of PCIe* adapters, silicon, switches, cables, and management software that pave a path to Exascale computing. As the successor to Intel® True Scale Fabric, this optimized HPC fabric is built upon a combination of enhanced IP and Intel® technology.

Intel Omni-Path Key Fabric Features and Innovations
Adaptive Routing - Adaptive Routing monitors the performance of the possible paths between fabric end-points and selects the least congested path to rebalance the packet load.
Dispersive Routing - One of the critical roles of fabric management is the initialization and configuration of routes through the fabric between pairs of nodes. Intel® Omni-Path Fabric supports a variety of routing methods, including defining alternate routes that disperse traffic flows for redundancy, performance, and load balancing.
Packet Integrity Protection - Packet Integrity Protection allows for rapid and transparent recovery of transmission errors between a sender and a receiver on an Intel® Omni-Path Architecture link.
Dynamic Lane Scaling - Dynamic Lane Scaling allows an operation to continue even if one or more lanes of a 4x link fail, saving the need to restart or go to a previous checkpoint to keep the application running


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